Who We Are

Los Angeles Hebrew High School has grown to be one of the largest supplementary schools in the United States that offers high school foreign language credit.

Established in 1949 as a Jewish community school at Menorah Center in Boyle Heights, LAHHS serves today as the supplementary Hebrew school of choice for nearly 150 students in grades 7 through 12.

We honor our long, impressive history while continuously expanding and improving to keep pace with the changing times. We have re-envisioned our organization, opening our doors across and beyond all denominations in an effort to bring the benefits of an outstanding Jewish education to more families than ever before in the spirit of Klal Yisrael, bringing the full Jewish community together.


LAHHS is comprised of  in-class Sunday programming accompanied by online virtual classroom supplemental Hebrew sessions.

We’ve established a truly innovative and exciting educational program:

  • Learn to read, write, and speak Hebrew

  • Sunday morning learning and weekday supplemental online sessions

  • Earn high school foreign language credit

  • Explore Jewish values and identity

  • Shabbaton retreat ~ make lifelong friends

Through a vibrant collaboration among our outstanding Board of Trustees, superb teaching faculty, dedicated office staff members, and committed parent and student body, LAHHS is the center for the highest quality supplemental Hebrew and Jewish high school learning in Southern California.

“I loved my years in LAHHS. Despite graduating close to 24 years ago, I still talk about all the positive experiences I had as a student there.” – Adina Weber, ‘92